Every human life begins with a sperm and an egg. From this union of the two, comes a human being. The resulting human hasn’t a damn thing to do with the its own creation. The birth of a human is a random accident. 

The ‘sperm meets egg event’ could create a human of any colour, gender, shape or size. The accident of this birth does not signify any accomplishment on the part of the human that is born. Whether the human is black, brown, girl, boy, straight, gay, tall or short, is determined by the sperm and the egg, not the human that results.

Yet, humans all across the planet take some particular pride in the accident of their birth. People take credit for this chance meeting of a sperm and egg. They actually believe that the random union of the sperm and egg that produced them entitles them to superiority over others. 

Such people can be found across the planet in every nation and in every ethnicity known to humankind. Some believe they are better because of their skin colour while others may peg their religion, cast, tribe, family status or wealth as the source of their superiority. We can call these people the bigots, racists and supremacists. Because they are.

Not every one of these people think they are better. Some just think others are lesser or flawed in some way. For example, some think that women or LGBTQ people are not worthy of equal status. Or they may believe that someone from a lower socioeconomic class or a religiously or socially ordained caste is unfit of being their equal.

Either way, these people hold prejudiced, bigoted, racist and intolerant views because they were born as they were and are different than others. Even though it took no effort or hard work on their part to be born white, rich, straight or gay, they walk around thinking they are special.

It turns out this superiority complex afflicts all people everywhere and no one group in particular holds a monopoly on bigotry and intolerance. Humans in every nation on every continent display one form of it or another. It turns out, we all try to create a special status for ourselves based on the accidents of our births. Bigotry is not a white people issue, we all own it.

Recently, racism in America has come to the forefront as have its present-day consequences. For that reason, let’s take a closer look at white supremacists in America. 

Today these people organize themselves into groups like the Proud Boys, Aryan Nation or the KKK and hold and promote the idea that they are a superior ‘race’. They say they need to protect the purity of their ‘special race’ by fending off other inferior ‘races’ that are trying to destroy the great nations built by their superior white sperm and egg donors. Even if their donors had built a great nation, the current crop of spawns cannot take any particular credit for what their donors built.

But it turns out, the even idea that their donors “built” America is an exercise of lies and deceit. Yes, America benefitted from the hard work of individual settlers. But collectively, America had more advantages than any other people or nation in history. What were these advantages? Free land, labour and money.

Those who landed on the shores of America relied on the racist, bigoted and intolerant concept of the doctrine of discovery. This Papal decree, later adopted by American courts, held that land of any people who were not ruled by a European monarch were fair game for colonization. Not being European subjects really meant not being Christians. And as non-Christians, Indigenous peoples of America had no rights and their land could just be taken at will. And it was.

Yes, settlers who arrived in America often worked hard on the lands they received. But it was the ‘free’ land that motivated and enabled them. Without this gift of stolen land, the settlers wouldn’t exactly have had much of an opportunity to build anything. Let’s not get carried away with the fantasy of America being built by the sweat and toil of these special humans.

Today’s white supremacists forget that the sweat and toil of slaves built far more of America than the settlers. Not only did the alleged ‘special stock of superior Europeans’ get free stolen land, they kidnapped millions of Africans and created a free supply of labour that lasted nearly 250 years. Without this forced labour, America could not have used its stolen land to generate the incredible wealth that came from the colony.

Yes, European settlers worked hard at an individual level. But their efforts were only a fraction of the value added by free land and forced labour of slaves. But land and labour were not the only gifts to land in the laps of America’s settlers. America’s colonization and exploitation were funded by free money the British obtained from another colony they called the “Jewel in the Crown”.

During a span of almost 200 years, “Britain drained out over $45 trillion from India, which to date has hampered the country’s ability to come out of poverty” (Business Today, 2018). That 45 trillion dollars funded Britain’s colonial adventures across the globe. That free, pillaged money funded the colonization of places like Australia, New Zealand, North America and the West Indies. Stealing and colonizing other people’s lands cost money. That money cam from the Jewel in the Crown

Yes, America’s settlers worked hard. But without free land, labour and money, their effort is entirely unremarkable and not worth the gloating by “accidents of birth’ who now organize themselves as Proud Boys or other supremacist groups. 

Every empire in history, whether led by black, brown, white or any other colour humans, has excelled when it could subjugate the lands, labour and wealth of another population. Through history, these great empires have existed in Africa, Asia, the Americas and Europe. European ascendency followed the great Mongolian and Ottoman empires that bent Europe to their will. When the wheels of active colonization finally stopped turning, it just happens that most of the colonizers were European.

The time and place of European ascendency was an accident of time and history, not determined by the special status of particular sets of sperm and egg. Those who do not understand the accident of their own birth and their place in history, are doomed to delusion and a place of ugly notoriety in the future.

To the bigots and supremacists that are running around claiming special status, understand this; you are not responsible for any past “greatness” you lay claim to any more than which sperm fertilized the egg that became you. You are no better than any of the people you hold in contempt. But the ignorance of your own existence may well make you far less than you think you are.

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